HR Manager Altex Logistic & Distribution

Gabriela Niță

After 4 years of research in the field of education and a master’s degree in management, Gabriela started her training and consultancy career, working in a couple of consultancy companies, offering her clients various trainings and solutions: DHL, Parmalat, EON Moldova, EGGER, Medicover, Sover Optica, Ambient etc. She completed her experience working as a Training Manager and HR Manager in industries such as IT, media and consultancy, thus observing the need for HR inside businesses.

Gabriela has always invested in her professional development, having a doctorate in Education Sciences, as well as numerous courses with world renowned consultants, such as July Hay, Roger Greenaway, Jim Bagnola. She has taken internationally certified NLP and life coaching courses, and for the last 2 years she has been happily working as a business coach and a life coach for clients such as Euromedia, Oracle and others.

During the 17 years of working in Human Resources, Gabriela has hosted over 600 days of training, implemented over 100 development plans for middle and top management, coordinated 12 teambuilding programs, implemented 5 performance evaluation systems and worked with 23 satisfied clients, her longest collaboration being 12 years.